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Anger Management
  • Designed for a 12-week anger management program
  •  Over 50 topics: belief and self-image, criminal thinking, professional development, fear, setting goals, self-awareness, anger management, staying busy, time management, and many others.
  •  Get certified by the Diversion Center for less ($100 off) when you purchase the full package
  • BONUS: Anger Management PowerPoint Presentation
  •  Perfect for teaching anger management methods to clients
Substance Abuse
  •  Designed for a 24-week substance abuse program (ASAM Level 1)
  •  Over 30 topics: relapse prevention, planning, change, instant gratification emotional intelligence, decision making scenarios, and so much more.
  •   Perfect for individual counseling, client homework, and providing motivation to those with substance use disorders.
Domestic/Family Violence
  •  Designed for a 24-week Domestic/Family Violence Intervention program
  •  Over 40 topics: roles and types of abuse, power and control, substance use, culture, amygdala hijack, denial, and so much more.
  •  Cater to those who have problems at home, and give them methods of coping and teaching them about recognizing their triggers.
Shoplifting and Theft Prevention
  •   Designed for a 12-week shoplifting and theft prevention course
  •  Over 40 topics: cravings, delayed gratification, penalties of theft, criminal thinking, self-awareness, denial, and so much more
  •  Get certified by the Diversion Center for less ($100 off) when you purchase the full package
  • BONUS: Shoplifting and Theft Prevention PowerPoint
  •   Perfect for teaching the shoplifting and theft prevention course
BONUS: De-escalation Powerpoint
  •  Give yourself and your employees ways of de-escalating crises
  •  Reduce your chances of being faced with a crisis situation by learning prevention strategies
  •  Learn new methods of working with the mentally ill
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