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Do you spend too much of your profits on workbooks for your clients? Are they cutting into your bottom line?

This limited time offer will provide you with all the material you will ever need to facilitate Substance Abuse, Shoplifting Prevention, Domestic/Family Violence, and Anger Management groups to your clients at a deeply discounted rate!

You can print an unlimited number of copies for your clients and you will never need to order workbooks again. 

Edit the workbooks to fit your needs, counseling style, and desired message, or leave them the way they are and start facilitating.

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Regularly priced at $4,000, you can get up to 4 evidenced-based treatment workbooks on a CD for as little as $999.99, tax included. 

Only need one of them? We can also send you any 1 of our curricula for $500.

You would be crazy to pass up this offer, it's even tax-deductible if you own your own business. 

Plus, when you buy all 4, you will get 3 added bonuses to sweeten the deal. Check out the offer below.
  •  Substance Abuse Workbook Curriculum
  •  Anger Management Workbook Curriculum
  •  Domestic/Family Violence Workbook Curriculum
  •  Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Workbook Curriculum
  •  BONUS: Quick De-escalation PowerPoint Presentation
  •  BONUS: Shoplifting and Theft Prevention PowerPoint Presentation
  •  BONUS: Anger Management PowerPoint Presentation
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need these curricula?
We use these curricula everyday to teach our court-mandated clients ways to change their lives, control their impulses, and avoid returning to the criminal justice system. Diversion treatment programs are successful in attaining that goal in approximately 80% of those who finish their treatment, and we thank our workbooks for giving us the means to achieve that goal.

The curricula are not specific to court-mandated businesses, they can be used in any counseling, social work, treatment facilities, and many other fields of psychology. 

They add tremendous value to your business, and we make it easy for you to edit to how you like to teach.
Do I have to be certified to teach these programs?
While it varies by state and local requirements, most courts require you to be certified or licensed to provide them. 

Family/Domestic Violence Programs are typically state-certified and require extensive training. In Georgia, providers must be certified by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence.

 Substance Abuse Programs you can be certified by the NAADAC, ICRC or another board to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC).

Anger Management Programs are facilitated by licensed counselors and  certified anger management specialists (CAMS) to program and be recognized by the court. You can sign up here to be enrolled in our next live training in Marietta, GA on October 15-16, 2017. When you purchase this package, you will also receive an offer code for $100 off live training.

Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Programs the National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Addition Specialists (NASTAS) can certify you to be a certified Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialist (CSTAS). Click Here to sign up to be enrolled in our next live training in Marietta, GA on September 9-10, 2017. When you purchase this package, you will receive an offer code for $100 off live training.
I want to be certified, but I can't make it to your live training options, can I take an online course?
 Yes, at the Diversion Center, we also offer an Online Anger Management Certification Training and Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Certification Training for those who are unable to attend live training. We recommend the live training because it will provide you with the ability to ask questions and bounce ideas off of other trainees and the trainer. But if you cannot make it to the live training, we understand. 

Call us at (770 ) 690-9622 for instructions on how to enroll in our online certification programs.
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Any Curriculum of your choice
One-time, no need to reorder
  • Material based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and research
  • Have the freedom to print your workbooks
  • Print only the pages you want to use
  • Designed to make it easy for any counselor to instruct the material
All 4 Curricula
One-time, no need to reorder
  • Print all 4 of our curricula as needed
  • Increase the scope of your business by diversifying the services you offer
  • BONUS: Quick de-escalation tips PowerPoint
  • BONUS: Shoplifting and Theft Prevention PowerPoint
  • BONUS: Anger Management PowerPoint
  • $100 off both LIVE Anger Management AND Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialist Certification Trainings
  • All bonuses are ideal for counseling sessions
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